Discover a different way to play

We’re all familiar with competitive, zero-sum game mechanics like points, leaderboards & head-to-head contests.

But there’s an entirely different way to play that’s motivated by collaborating with partners – not crushing opponents.

In this short, high-impact course you’ll learn the foundations of positive-sum design & equip yourself with 5 actionable techniques for building cooperation into your experience.

Help customers win together

When you're accustomed to leaderboards, badges & ranking systems, cooperative mechanics can seem unfamiliar & inaccessible.

That’s why I put together this short, accessible course on the basics of cooperative design.

You’ll learn how to leverage these 5 techniques for designing positive-sum experiences:

  1. Help players compete against the system
  2. build shared outcomes & resources into your systems
  3. Offer synergistic roles to keep them engaged
  4. Use cooperative social gestures like Share, Like, Dance
  5. Build group identity with cooperative statistics 

Create Positive-Sum Experiences

In this course, you’ll get the support & knowledge you need to build your cooperative design skills with these helpful resources:

  • short-form videos that teach you the basics
  • step-by-step playbook to apply this to your work
  • detailed Case Studies showing Coop Design in action
  • a private peer community for answers & support

If you want to enhance group identity, & bring your customers together around a shared goal - this course is for you.

To learn EXACTLY what we cover, keep reading.

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